Marianne Paraskeva


Over the years, my love for expression has fueled an enjoyable exploration of a number of creative mediums. A journey which has culminated in photography and a medium which I feel encompasses and allows me to directly communicate my artistic goals.

My need to make sense of a subject, mirrors a seemingly unfulfillable need to explore who I am, what I believe and what I find aesthetically pleasing or challenging.

This both personal and creative questioning has shaped the diversity of my work while informing me both emotionally and professionally.

From travel to beauty, fashion to portraiture, these diverse genres framed through my lens, converge into a decipherable understanding of the world.

A world in which my beliefs and passions compel me to make imagery. My love for what I do is driven by a passionate curiosity. At best, I hope that my images culminate in a record of my life, somewhere hidden within the deepest of blacks or the most golden of hues, lay my challenges, stories and journeys recorded.

A visual narrative of my story and truths, shot through my lens.

My range of clients include:
Vidal Sassoon, Brabantia, Continental Bride, RWD Magazine, Black Hair & Beauty, Psychic TV, Lenny Henry, Vi- Vi, EX Works LTD, Contour Group, Matrix, Franco & Co and Quintet Publishing.

If you would like to discuss your photographic needs then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Mob: +357 96375748